the new Optima Business rate applicable at 100% on January 1, 2023

According to Jirama, the new electricity tariff dedicated to businesses and industries will be applied gradually and will be 100% applicable on January 1, 2023.

The implementation of this new tariff plan is the result of several months of exchanges and negotiations with employers such as GFEM-FHORM – FIVMPAMA – GEFPM – GEM -SIM – SEBTP-… These negotiations resulted in a consensus on the staggering in three stages of this change in electricity pricing.

Also, increases will be reduced by 40% during the months of July and August; 20% for the months of September and October and 10% for the months of November and December

The entire new pricing will thus be applied to the invoice for the month of January 2023.

According to Jirama, the state has ensured that this new pricing spares small and medium-sized businesses such as hairdressing salons, vulcas, grocery stores and cheap eateries. For the case of certain categories of enterprises, including industries such as textiles, cement factories, steel and chemical processing industries, Jirama will examine their cases with the State, as the latter will benefit from preferential tariffs.

The implementation of the new Optima Business pricing for non-residential customers is included in the General Government Policy, the aim of which is to guarantee the improvement of technical services for customers.

Jirama’s recovery plan includes two major components, namely the reduction of costs related to the use of fuels by switching to the exploitation of renewable energies as is the case in Antsiranana, in Sava… or even the commissioning of the G4 group in Andekaleka which will supply 120 MW by the end of the year; as well as Tariff Optimization, a measure which began in 2021 for residential tariffs and which will therefore continue with commercial tariffs.

Optima Business is based on the following principles: flexibilization of Subscribed Power, equalization of the Fixed Premium, reduction in two zones of the pricing method, non-increase of the fee, merger of MV Tertiary and MV Industrial and progressive pricing, specifies Jirama.

Support plan

As part of the implementation of this new electricity pricing, several support measures have been put in place by Jirama. FMBT (Force Motrice à Basse Tension) customers were asked to check their subscribed power and had the option of changing their contracts.

Jirama has also set up information desks dedicated to Optima Business in all its agencies, in particular at the commercial headquarters in Antanimena. The comparison of the two tariffs will also be inserted in the invoice for the month of August for those who are concerned. For customers who have a subscribed power between 6.6 and 19.7KW, and for those with more than 19.7KW. 5, the Jirama plans to organize open days concerning the Optima Business.

Still within the framework of the support systems, large companies wishing to have information will be welcomed by Accounts managers. These effective mails for informants of the changes made on their accounts. In addition, a platform allowing customers to perform an “online simulation” will be set up on the irama website ( and on the mobile application.

The Optima Business Tariff is applied with a view to the economic recovery of the country, according to the explanations. This tariff will be beneficial for Jirama as well as for businesses and industries, it is emphasized.


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