The new Optima business pricing applied for manufacturers

The application of the new Optima business pricing, reserved for manufacturers, was approved by the Council of Ministers held in Iavoloha. In a related press release, the presidency specifies that the electricity consumption of companies for the month of July will now be remunerated with this new tariff. They will then see the changes in the bills that they will overcome this August.

This decision would have been taken after successive meetings of the parties concerned, namely the State, the Malagasy water and electricity company (JIRAMA) and its “key account” customers, the World Bank as well as the various groups of companies. in Madagascar, such as GEM, SIM, FIVMPAMA, FHORM, and SEBTP and GEFP. They would agree on the application of this new pricing.

This pricing concerns in particular industrialists who operate in the field of fabric manufacturing such as weaving and spinning, in the cement works, in metal work or in the transformation of chemical products, specifies the report of the Council of Ministers. This shows ” the will of the State to watch over local industries “, indicates the presidency. The application of this new rate should make it possible to redress the state-owned electricity producer and at the same time preserve the activities of the companies.

Concordant sources indicate that JIRAMA has presented tariff proposals since June, in order to better manage its financial situation, but these proposals have always been rejected by the private sector, which has qualified them as incompatible with the current situation. An increase of up to 100% in the electricity bill had been observed in a simulation carried out with one of the previous proposals. But thanks to the efforts of all parties involved, this new pricing has been decided.

If the resolution of the problems of industrialists then seems to be on the horizon, those of ordinary consumers, with, among other things, multiple and repetitive cuts, coupled with a vertiginous and incessant rise in bills, are still relevant. For what it considers to be an “abnormal breakdown”, JIRAMA all the time mentions the difficulty of its machines to normally produce the total loads that consumers need. As for the bills, which are sometimes full of errors, the state corporation has no other action than to put pressure on consumers.

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