The new electric bike bonus is here (doubled amount)

To encourage the French to lower their carbon footprint, the Government offers various aids for people who opt for a softer mode of transport. The good news today concerns the premium dedicated to electric bikes. Its amount will increase and will concern a greater number of people, if not all. If you wanted to get into the electric bike, we advise you to wait a few more weeks before making the purchase.

Dates and amounts to know

According to the latest news, the Government has therefore chosen to increase the already existing bonus for the purchase of an electric bicycle. The change will take place on August 15, 2022. This follows the vote of an amendment by deputies as part of the amending finance bill for 2022. An additional envelope of 5 million euros will be dedicated to the premium for the purchase of an electrically assisted bicycle ( VAE).

Today, this first can go up to 200 euros. This already reduces the salty note of a VAE. But from August 15, the bonus will increase to 300 euros. And this for all households. Even better, it will go up to 400 euros for households with lower incomes.

Similarly, you will no longer need to benefit from similar assistance from the part of a local authority in parallel to be eligible for this first one. In short, all the lights are green to try your hand at an electric bike. At a time when the planet is suffering more and more and when the price of fuel is soaring, this is excellent news.

For the purchase of an electric cargo bike or a folding bike, the premium is also increased. Thus, it can reach up to 2000 euros instead of 1000 euros as was the case until then. This represents 40% of the purchase price of two-wheelers.

New premium for the classic bike

People with disabilities are not excluded. Indeed, the bicycles intended for them will be taken into account in this adjustment of the premium. In addition, if this bonus was reserved for a single bike per household until now, each member of the household can now be rewarded to ride a two-wheeled bike.

The days when the state offered no relevant aid buying a classic bike, without electric assistance, is over. On August 15, the extension of the premium will embrace traditional bicycles. The most modest households could benefit from a 150 euro bonus if they equip themselves with a classic bike. Yet another good news to reduce your carbon footprint.

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