The mayor of the city of mutuals at the head of SMACL Assurances

SMACL Assurances is changing hands at its convention in Nancy on June 10, 2022. Jean-Luc de Boissieu is stepping down as chairman. It will now take place exclusively at SMACL Assurances SA, the company born in January 2022 from the union with MAIF and Groupe VYV.

It is the mayor of Niort, Jérôme Baloge who takes over as head of SMACL Assurances. A return to origins. The mutual dear to territorial agents was created by a mayor of Niort, René Gaillard in 1974.

Gaullist social

But unlike him, Jérôme Baloge is not anchored on the left. He swung the mutual insurance capital to the right during the 2014 municipal election, under the colors of the Parti Radical Valoisien. He rallied to Emmanuel Macron, which did not prevent him from benefiting from the …

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