the manager of the Onetik cheese factory prosecuted for pollution

In the process, he was placed under judicial control by a judge of freedoms and detention and will have to justify the upgrading of the installation, pending a trial, scheduled for December 2022.

The Joyeuse, a small tributary of the Aran, is usually considered a very good quality biological reservoir. The cheese dairy did not respect, in these discharges, the environmental standards relating to a classified installation, set by the Dreal (Regional Directorate for the Environment), as noted by the OFB, associated with the gendarmerie on this investigation.

There is already one

This is not the first time that a problem of this kind has been reported at Onetik. A year ago, flows were observed between May 25 and June 3, by an association of fishermen and then by investigators. The management of the cheese dairy then explained this pollution by a mechanical failure on an extractor of the station. The company must treat liters of water, used for milk processing and cheese making. On June 4, she brought in an extractor truck to clean up the stream.

This time again, a breakage problem in the brand new purification installation, which requires an investment of more than one million euros, would be the cause of the problem according to the management. Parts need to be changed.

First judgment on 8

For the facts of 2021, the head of Onetik is already the subject of a comparison on prior recognition of debt (CRPC) before the Bayonne prosecutor’s office on July 8. This procedure makes it possible to judge the author of an offense who acknowledges the alleged facts, and to whom a sentence is proposed. Also referred to as a guilty plea.

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