the lawyers ask for the cancellation of the telephone tapping

The Parisian apartment of Jacques Santoni, presumed leader of the criminal gang known as the “Petit Bar”, would have been the subject of wild police sound systems outside any legal framework, according to the advice of the suspected persons.

Is this a new twist in the investigation opened against the Ajaccian criminal gang known as the “Petit Bar”?

About fifteen lawyers for the people suspected in this case should be heard on Monday June 7 before the investigating chamber of the Aix-en-Provence Court of Appeal to present what they denounce to be a “misuse of procedure“, reports Le Monde. Among the grievances formulated in the briefs for the annulment of pleadings, there is in particular the accusation of illegal use of listening devices, within the framework of the financial aspect of this file.

Thus, according to Me Pascal Garbarini, the Parisian apartment of his client, Jacques Santoni, presumed leader of the criminal gang, would have been the subject of wild sound systems outside of any legal framework. Eavesdropping that would have been exploited over more than four years, more than double the legal limit for this type of coercive measure, two years, and whose lawyers are now asking for cancellation.

These recordings in question are at the center of the judicial information: a police summary accompanying the opening of the latter specifies as well as “the file has its origins in the operation of the sound systems of Parisian apartments“, while Jacques Santoni regularly received at his home friends and acquaintances, presumed members of the Petit Bar.

Three sound authorizations

The apartment, located rue Vaugirard, in the beautiful districts of Paris, would thus have been put under listening devices for the first time in June 2016, within the framework of a case of cache of weapons, by the specialized interregional jurisdiction ( Jirs) of Marseilles. The end of surveillance was subsequently ordered in June 2017.

A year and a half later, on November 18, 2018, the investigating judge Anaïs Trubuilt, also attached to the Jirs, in turn asked for the sound system of the house. The investigation this time relates to the assassination attempt against Guy Orsoni, in September of the same year. However, the listening device is only activated from December 3, 2018.

The investigating judge finally issued a third sound authorization on April 12, 2019, as part of the investigation into the hidden financing of the Ajaccian band.

Devices never removed

Problem, the listening devices installed in June 2017 would never have actually been removed. In question, detail the police in a note of December 3, 2018 quoted by Le Monde, the change of the door and the lock of the residence, which would have made “impossible” their withdrawal. An inadmissible justification for lawyers, who indicate that the system can be activated remotely.

There is therefore a significant doubt “that the device was actually activated and that it was a question of regularizing the procedure when it appeared useful to be able to use certain sound systems for the courts“, considers Me Emmanuel Marsigny, counsel for the wife of Jacques Santoni, who therefore requests the expertise of the capture device, to know its activity.

Scorn of “equality of arms” in front of the law

According to Me Margaux Durand-Poincloux, adviser to François-Xavier Susini, a relation of the Petit Bar, it would be all the regularity of the money laundering aspect of the file opened against the island environment which is in question. Thus, from January 2019, the police would have collected a significant number of financial, tax and heritage elements thanks to listening devices.

However, these would only have been authorized for the only criminal aspect, opened in November 2018, when the law does not allow the investigation of new facts before the opening of a judicial investigation or the issuance of a supplementary indictment, that for some “summary checks“.

Supposed breaches of procedure regretted by Me Jean-Sébastien de Casalta, lawyer for the wife of a pillar member of the supposed gang, who believes that it is “equality of arms“before the law that has been flouted.

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