The lack of rain in some areas of the Amazon threatens the survival of trees in the entire forest

The results of this study are based on the expectations of climate experts, in particular those of the IPCCaccording to extreme weather events (droughts, heat waves, fires, floods) intensify in the years to come if the planet continues to warm and we are not reversing the climate trend.

“We find that even parts of the Amazon rainforest adapted to the dry season will not necessarily survive a new climate normal and the risk of falling into the savannah or thetotal absence of trees is high. The consequences for the biodiversity would be disastrous but the same goes for the local, regional and global climatealert Boris Sakschewski, co-author of the study and researcher at the Potsdam Institute.

“It is still possible to act”however, weights Ricarda Winkelmann, who also participated in the study. “We can still do a lot to try to stabilize the Amazon (…) And we know how to get there: by protecting the rainforest from logging and rapidly eliminating greenhouse gas emissionsshe hammers.

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