The January 2022 Games With Gold are now known

The selection of 4 games “offers” to Gold and Xbox Game Pass members is now known. The information initially came from Dealabs user, billbil-kun, known in particular for having revealed in advance the titles “offers” within the framework of the PS+ over the last five months. The list was failed in stride by Microsoft.

For the first month of 2022, the Redmond company is offering players the chance to try Aground, a survival RPG all in pixel art, or even to get started in Radiant Silvergun, a shoot’em up particularly appreciated by the Xbox Live Arcade era.

January 2022 Games with Gold games:

If you want to learn more, you can consult the dedicated pages on the Microsoft Store by clicking on the name of the game above. You can also watch the trailer broadcast on the Xbox Youtube channel, available below.

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