the insurance expert takes the reins of sustainable development at Amundi

Making Amundi a “responsible global player”: such is the broad scope of the functions assigned to Céline Boyer Chammard, a polytechnician (1991), who had until now spent her entire career at the Boston Consulting Group, between the offices of Paris, Boston and Cologne. At the end of 2017, she was promoted to associate director as part of a global strengthening of BCG’s insurance practice. She had previously been Global Manager of the BCG’s “Insurance” center of expertise from 2008 to 2013.

“In her new role, Céline Boyer Chammard will be responsible for clarifying Amundi’s ambitions in terms of social and environmental responsibility as a responsible investor, working to associate French and international teams in the embodiment of the social contribution of Amundi”, the management company informs.

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Amundi was created on 1uh January 2020 after the effective merger of the asset management activities of Crédit Agricole (CAAM) and Société Générale (Société Générale Asset Management – ​​SGAM); the Crédit Agricole group then held 75% of Amundi and the Société Générale group 25%. In 2015, Amundi was floated on the stock market through the sale of the entire stake (20%) of Société Générale and part (4.25%) of the stake of Crédit Agricole SA

This appointment comes at a time when sustainable finance is becoming a strategic issue for all financial players and in particular asset managers.

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