The full application of Optima Business pricing will be in force in (…)

The new Optima Business tariffs will not be fully implemented until the beginning of next year “, declared yesterday the assistant general manager of the Malagasy water and electricity company (JIRAMA), Rivo Radanielina. This particularly concerns consumers who subscribe to a power greater than 6.6 kWh and subscribers who have chosen medium and high voltage.

JIRAMA specifies that in accordance with the decisions taken by the Council of Ministers, consumption for the month of July will already be indicated in the invoice for the month of August for low voltage subscribers in the categories “business comfort, super business comfort, medium and high voltage “. But they will pay for the moment only 60% of the increase that they will have recorded on their bill, specifies the first person in charge of the water and electricity company.

For the months of September and October, they will only pay the 80% of the increase planned and for November and December, it will be 90% of the increase.

Rivo Radanielina also indicates that the rates do not change for low voltage subscribers in the “social business” and “economic business” category: 370 ariary and 466 ariary for zone 1 and 589 ariary and 795 ariary for zone 2 .

These are a priori micro, small and medium-sized enterprises that subscribe to a power of 3.3 kW and those that subscribe to a power between 3.3 kW and 6.6 kW (hairdressing salons, vulcanization workshops, grocery stores or the gargotes).

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