The flashlight shortcut arrives on Pixels to draw faster

In June, Google Pixels update. They see the arrival of a new shortcut for the “At a glance” widget for the flashlight. We can now turn it on and off with one click, but also know when it is on.

The Google Pixel 6 Pro. // Source: Johana Hallmann for Humanoid XP

Pixel’s June update improves exclusive widget In short », « In one lookin French, with the appearance of a shortcut for the flashlight.

A shortcut for your phone’s flash

This new widget adds a shortcut on the home screen and on the lock screen in the upper left corner of the phone. In one press, you can turn the flash on or off, but at the same time know if it is on.

A widget that activates the flashlight faster than via quick settings when you swipe up and down to open them. When several functions are activated in “In shortyou can switch between them bysweeplike maps. The flash adds to the stopwatch, Google Calendar, weather, your connected devices, but also Nest Doorbell. Indeed, since some of this update, we can know if a package has been delivered to your home thanks to the Google connected doorbell.

How to add the flashlight shortcut?

According9to5Google, which reported this information, the shortcut is available for Pixel smartphones that can run Android 12 QPR 3 and Android 13. Some smartphones running Android 13 beta 3 have it too, but not all. No news, however, of the flashlight brightness adjustment on Android 13, which had not been rumored. Several other widgets are added in these new versions of the operating system, such as the Battery widget also available on Pixels.

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