The essential steps to start a business

It’s decided, you start your business! Not easy to know where to start or how to proceed in order to increase your chances of success. Here are the steps to follow and the key stages of this great adventure.

A real reflection upstream

Some time ago, you took stock of your skills, your desires, your motivations, and decided to start your own business. Depending on the chosen field, you know if you need money or specific training. These are the steps that precede the decision, or not, to launch.

If you haven’t thought about these aspects yet, remember to list your needs according to your project. Note that it is possible to set up a business for free, provided of course that the work you imagine is done, for example, at home (graphic designer, coach, editor, etc.). You can also count on the ACCRE, which allows you to be exempt from social charges for the first year of activity. In all cases, it is about the creation of a micro-enterprise.

The essential steps of a new business

You have an idea, it is now a question of developing in such a way that you can make a living from it. For this, there are essential steps necessary to pass.

  • Market research and business plan

To be certain that the project is viable, it is important to carry out a market study, or even a business plan. These tools will make it possible to structure the basic idea, and to calculate the profitability of the business. The objectives set must be realistic and, even if you are extremely motivated, it is important to remain objective in all circumstances.

  • The choice of legal status

If you don’t want to start a micro business, you need to find out which company is going to make your business successful. EURL, SARL, SA‚Ķthere are about 8 major statutes whose responsibilities, tax regime and share capital vary. The most chosen remains the EI or the EIRL (Individual Company or Individual with Limited Liabilities), but it is to be seen according to the project.

The EURL (Unipersonal Company with Limited Liability) is suitable for a project that does not have one partner, the SARL (Limited Liability Company) is more suitable for the legal and health professions, and can have from 2 to 100 partners…

To hope to prosper, you have to make yourself known, and this therefore requires good communication. First step, the creation of a website with IONOS for example, which allows you to position yourself in a sector of activity. It is estimated that it attracts 55% more visitors, an aspect not to be overlooked! Trust the professionals in the business to also take care of the referencing in the search engines.

You can also choose to be present on social networks, and or opt for various communication channels (flyers, etc.), but the site remains essential.

Once these three steps have been perfectly mastered, you can get started with all the necessary motivation and energy! Since the health crisis, professional retraining has exploded, but there is room for everyone provided they are well prepared.

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