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Hello Business is a complete and tailor-made banking offer for professionals, at an unbeatable price. Launched by Hello bank!, the online bank of BNP Paribas, the Hello Business formula is only 10.90 euros per month.

1700 euros per year. You’re not dreaming is the average amount of bank charges paid by small businesses. Fortunately, there is Hello Business. This banking offer, launched in May 2021 by Hello bank!, the 100% online bank of BNP Paribas, is designed for the self-employed whether you are a freelancer, a liberal profession, a craftsman or a merchant. Yarn price? 10.90 euros excl. tax per month. An unbeatable offer that includes a complete banking package.

A tight offer

At less than 11 euros per month, Hello Business includes an account equipped with a real-time bank card and a cash facility up to 1550 euros to the aid of any cash flow mismatches. But that’s not all.

Hello Business is undoubtedly the most complete offer on the market in terms of payments. In addition to the bank card, it is possible to issue instant transfers in the euro zone and currency transfers, free of charge and without limits. Hello Business includes Lyf Pro access, a mobile credit card collection application. Thanks to the Hello Pay Pro mobile payment terminal, Hello Business customers can also be paid via their smartphone, by card with code validation, by contactless and by mobile payment. You can also deposit your checks and cash at the counters of the BNP Paribas network.

New offered by Hello Business, customers have the possibility, after six months of subscription, to access a credit of up to 25,000 euros. The opportunity to buy a professional vehicle or invest in equipment to develop your business. Funds are available within two days and odds are flexible. In addition, no application fees are charged.

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Strained insurance

For peace of mind, Hello Business is still in the event of a dispute with a customer or supplier. A support height of 300 euros excl. tax for attorney’s fees is included.

During a business trip, the insurance can cover the cancellation, interruption or modification of the trip, a train or plane delay and even the loss of luggage. In the event of a problem with a rental car, such as an accident or theft, the costs are also reimbursed.

And in the event of hospitalization following an illness or accident, an income of 100 euros including tax per day passes the hospital, within the limit of 60 days, is to Hello Business customers.

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