The delivery man steals a package and makes a funny discovery

The case is just as implausible as it is strange. It all started last summer in Meurthe-et-Moselle, Grand Est tells us. A man is waiting for the delivery of two parcels on the same day. At the end of the day, he goes to his mailbox but finds only one package inside. Strange that the second package is declared as delivered. Thanks to the video surveillance images of his residence, he will discover that the second delivery man was the author of the theft.

Indeed, by analyzing these images, he discovers that the first package had indeed been inserted into his mailbox but when the second was delivered, the delivery man took the opportunity to steal the one that was already inside. He probably thought that by replacing it with the second, the customer would see nothing but fire. The owner of the two packages will then contact the delivery company and especially the gendarmes.

Very quickly, the investigators went back to the 31-year-old delivery man in question, and the company that employed him fired him on the spot for “serious misconduct”. But the delivery man will have remorse, and will report the package… to its owner, detail our colleagues from the regional press. Real remorse or simple fear? No one knows, however, police sources explained to that the package actually contained a revolver, more precisely a “Glock 9 mm pistol without the barrel”. Finally, the man was only arrested on June 16, the police services came forward (…)

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