The basics of the reality TV business

Reality TV is a field that mixes curiosity and fantasy. It is also an area quite despised by society as a whole. However, there is quite a lot – even a lot, a lot – of money.

Because yes, since “Loft Story”, it is an industry, a television genre that has evolved enormously, as much in terms of programs, as in its mode of operation, as in the candidates and candidates that we find as and with the seasons.

Like the Kardashians, France is full of TV families like the Marseillais with the Garcias, the Tantis, or even the Guedj (ex-Marseillais), the JLC, then all these families that we can follow in “Moms and famous”. All this small world of TV is now part of that of influence.

Thus, it is a real virtuous circle system that is set up between candidates and candidates, production companies, TV channels and influence agencies. And this whole market is structured around two clans basically. In one such show, Youtuber Sam Zirah explained it in detail.

We offer you a summary for this first video of a series dedicated to reality TV.

Please note, this video was shot before the media escalation between rapper Booba and Magali Berdah, and does not address the issue of fraudulent product placements. This will be the case in another video.


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