The BA06 business accelerator bows out

Since November 2010, she has been paving the way for entrepreneurial support in the Alpes-Maritimes.

The BA06 association with the ambitious Business Accelerator slogan can claim to have supported 825 innovative companies in a decade. After selling its two flagship events – Get in the Ring and BA06 Event to OneCorp – in May 2019, it officially ceased operations. And Georges Dao who carried it at arm’s length with a team of dynamic volunteers, to remember.
“In 2010, entrepreneurial life was tough: few or no incubators, accelerators and networks of business leaders. We weren’t yet talking about startups, analyzes the one who was at the time president of the commission for sustainable economic development of the UPE06. With Yvon Grosso – then president of the Côte d’Azur employers’ union – we had two leitmotifs: to create jobs and keep talent in the department.”

In short, infuse the entrepreneurial spirit. Aware of the power of the territory and the untapped wealth of Sophia Antipolis, they created the BA06 association in November. This will be followed in January 2011 by the first BA06 Event which, with its pitch coaching, its dreaded Elevator Pitch and its qualified business meetings, will become one of the flagship events of the innovation ecosystem.
Over the years, the association broadens its skills. Starting with the creation in January 2013 of a €1.9 million seed fund: the FCPR FE 06. Here again, Georges Dao is getting wet to convince forty local business leaders to invest in ten start-ups. Alongside them: the UPE06 and two banks.

If the result is mixed – four exits with sale of shares, three liquidations with assets taken over, two liquidations and one still in activity – the fund has nevertheless created 174 jobs.
Another event carried by BA06 Event: Get in The Ring (GITR), the pitch battle in English which gives access to international access to punchy startups.


If everything is going well now, why dissolve the association? “Precisely because needs have changed, explains Georges Dao. There are now around forty institutions – incubators, networks… – on the Côte d’Azur, there is now support.”
This is not however the end of the adventure since BA06Event and GITR have been taken over by the Sophia Antipolis DataCorp – which has become OneCorp since May.
It is Emilie Boyom, the group’s development manager, who now presides over their destiny. Knowing them like the back of her hand, having taken care of them with Georges Dao at BAEvent, she brought the two events together at the Cannes Entrepreneurship Summit (CES) in September 2019 and then a year later at the BIG Challenge. (Business Innovative Global).

“We’ve gone back to basics: pitch competitions, business meetings, coaching. That’s what works. Moreover, at the request of startups, we plan to organize a mini-BIG in May- June. We also plan to question the innovative companies supported by BA06 to find out what they are becoming, the jobs they have generated.”

The adventure goes on.

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