The anchoring of Google Cloud in France draws criticism from its rivals

A countdown, a video on the big screen at the Maison de la Mutualité in Paris and even a handful of Google customers and partners filming the moment on their smartphones. Attacked for its communication around the slogan “The cloud à la française”, the American group formalized Thursday morning the opening of its “France region” for all its professional “cloud computing” offers. Concretely, its French customers will now be able to take advantage of almost all of Google’s data storage and analysis services, with the conviction that they will no longer leave the Californian company’s servers in France.

“It’s a historic moment,” said Anthony Cirot, general manager of Google Cloud in France. For him, the advantages of this anchorage in France are numerous and will contribute to the digital transformation of the country while the enthusiasm for the cloud has not been denied in recent years. Announced in 2019, the opening of three Google Cloud data centers in Ile-de-France will undoubtedly have a psychological effect on certain companies tempted by Google’s online computing but so far reluctant to export their data to the abroad for reasons of confidentiality.

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