The advantages of a Gold -SBF 120 card

The Gold card provides optimal security and simplifies everyday life. So, there is nothing surprising that it is so popular with customers. But although obtaining it is subject to savings and/or income conditions, it offers several advantages.

The advantages of a Gold bank card

High limits (payments and withdrawals)

This is one of the main advantages of the Gold card. It is intended in particular for the most demanding customers and allows them to make large withdrawals or payments.

Each issuing banker sets the limit for her card.

In addition to the high ceilings, you will also be able to order different devices or issue a check.

Coverage (assistance and insurance) abroad

The Gold card includes a multitude of assistance and insurance services. Thanks to this, it delights customers who, for personal and/or professional reasons, regularly travel abroad.

Here are some of the Gold Card guarantees:

  • luggage cover in the event of theft, delay or loss (compensation is set by the issuing bank);
  • medical assistance abroad (for hospitalization, for example);
  • reimbursement of repatriation in the event of a serious accident;
  • problems with justice abroad;
  • civil liability for bodily injury or property damage;
  • the death of a family member;
  • trip cancellation;
  • rental car incidents;
  • snow assistance;
  • the accommodation package.

Offers from partners

The Gold card offers the possibility of attending events in different countries and benefiting from attractive discounts with partners.

You can, for example, take advantage of a discount for the rental of a vehicle or an upgrade in a hotel during your holidays abroad.

The ease of opposition

In the event of theft or loss of your Gold card, simply contact the number provided for this purpose provided by the bank (7 days a week and 24 hours a day). The staff will thus take care of opposing them as soon as possible.

Something to have peace of mind.

Deferred debit and immediate debit

For more convenience, the Gold card is most often offered in deferred and immediate debit. This way, customers can opt for the one that best suits their needs, finances, and habits.

How to get a Gold bank card?

First of all, it should be noted that the conditions for obtaining a Gold card vary according to the banks. The most used criteria are savings and income.

Keep in mind that the prices of cards from physical banking establishments are relatively high (they sometimes reach the 200 euro mark). For their part, the offers of online banks are generally free. So it all depends on your needs.

The Gold bank card not only allows you to make interesting savings, but also to live with complete peace of mind on a daily basis. It offers several practical services, including attractive discounts with partners, remote assistance and insurance when traveling to another country. Do not hesitate any longer and request yours today.

The Gold card is an accessory credit card with annually renewable credit. It can be used in cash or on credit at the time of payment.

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