tap water contaminated with E-Coli bacteria in the middle of a heat wave

published on Saturday, June 18, 2022 at 08:45

Nearly 25,000 residents can no longer consume tap water until the end of the weekend, the municipality said.

In the midst of a heat wave, thousands of inhabitants of Châteauroux (Indre) have had to do without tap water, made unfit for consumption by contamination with the bacterium Escherichia coli, since Friday June 17. Tap water is inedible for 25,000 inhabitants of the north of the city, said Châteauroux Métropole. Water consumption is now prohibited until at least Sunday 6 p.m., she added.

On the antenna of franceinfoMayor Gil Avérous mentioned on Saturday “a succession of anomalies”, the starting point of which is “a malfunction of the chlorine diffusion system in the water (which) stopped at the start of the week”. “The alarm was not revealed, it took some time to be identified and we ended up with untreated water distributed, which allowed this bacterium to proliferate”, indicated the city councilor, who recognized that “the latest analyzes are rather reassuring”, and that the bacterium “is in low presence in the water”.

The inhabitants of the northern districts can no longer consume drinking water for food use (drinking, preparing food, brushing their teeth). Infants should also not be bathed with this water. The city has authorized its municipal safeguard plan and set up, with the water network manager Saur, four distribution centers for bottled water packs. Deliveries are billed for the elderly, said Châteauroux Métropole in a press release.

Early Friday evening, no casualties or hospitalizations were reported, according to the city. New analyzes are expected on Sunday evening. Météo France has placed Indre on orange heatwave vigilance for Friday and Saturday.

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