Is bitcoin good for your online business?

Skeptics fear that Bitcoin is still a new currency, and that its acquisition will have serious consequences for online businesses. Others are also worried about its high volatility, fearing that investing in Bitcoin will lead to huge losses in the event of unfavorable price fluctuations. However, several incredible qualities of Bitcoin make it an ideal … Read more

What is bitcoin dust?

Some of these coins are tiny in value, and spending them requires more fees than their value. However, the blockchain has little place. Therefore, small value transactions take up a lot of space like large transactions. Thus, a large number of smaller parts can cause performance issues throughout the system. Initially, bitcoin dust was not … Read more

Advantages of online shopping with bitcoin

Thus, Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, not subject to political influences or market manipulation like fiat currency. Although still in the early adoption stage, Bitcoin has proven its unique abilities to transform the way businesses and consumers transact. Bitcoin is both a store of value and a means of payment, with distinctive advantages over traditional … Read more

Tests dig the hole for Medicare

Social Security expenditure continues to increase with an increase of more than 120% in the first half. With the continuation of the health crisis, Medicare should end the year with a new record loss of 31 billion euros, after 30.4 billion in 2020, according to forecasts established in June by the accounts committee of social … Read more

Macron announces a package of consultations with a psychologist covered by Health Insurance

These consultations will be reimbursed on medical prescription from the age of 3 from 2022, the President of the Republic said on Tuesday. From 2022, psychological consultation packages will be reimbursed by Health Insurance from the age of 3 when prescribed. This measure, which aims to facilitate access to psychological care, has just been announced … Read more

Who created Bitcoin?

In recent years, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have aroused both curiosity and lust on the part of Internet users and the financial world, but behind this revolutionary technology remains a fog of mystery that is struggling to dissipate. Among the unknowns of Bitcoin is the identity of its creator(s). Despite many assumptions, it is now … Read more

Kenneth Feinberg, the lawyer responsible for estimating the lives of 9/11 victims

His mission was to distribute the compensation fund for the victims of the attacks. Kenneth Feinberg’s work asks a cardinal question: what is the dollar value of a human life? We are on September 22, 2001 when George W. Bush signs the bill that establishes the creation of a compensation fund for the victims of … Read more

Why the abandonment of the “Doing Business” ranking was necessary

Published on : 09/20/2021 – 08:34 Exit the all-powerful “Doing Business” ranking, published each year by the World Bank. It was definitively abandoned on Thursday September 16, 2021. So much the better, rejoice all those who have disputed it for many years already. And they are plentiful. There are of course the badly rated and … Read more

Bitcoin is a fallback in case trusted institutions falter

Bitcoin can be a fallback in the scenario where trusted institutions falter. ©OZAN ​​KOSE / AFP New safe haven? Izabella Kaminska is one of the world’s best Bitcoin specialists, a subject she notably followed for the Financial Times where she directed the Alphaville section. Atlantico: In a recent interview for El Confidential, you said that … Read more