the United States coalesces and becomes number one – Liberation

After the ban on cryptocurrencies in China, the process is relocating across the Atlantic. Result: the country now concentrates more than a third of global activity. Sacred blows of the shovel. American bitcoin miners, which allow the validation of transactions and the creation of cryptocurrency, are now the first producers in the world, according to … Read more

Bitcoin is a fallback in case trusted institutions falter

Bitcoin can be a fallback in the scenario where trusted institutions falter. ©OZAN ​​KOSE / AFP New safe haven? Izabella Kaminska is one of the world’s best Bitcoin specialists, a subject she notably followed for the Financial Times where she directed the Alphaville section. Atlantico: In a recent interview for El Confidential, you said that … Read more

Jack Dorsey wants to make bitcoin creation accessible to everyone

With his company Block, which specializes in digital payments, the founder of Twitter wants to democratize bitcoin mining and thus solve the lack of availability of current equipment. The American company specialized in digital payments Block (ex-Square), co-founded and directed by Jack Dorsey, is working on the design of a new system to create bitcoins, … Read more