become a new business school model

121 years old and still in tune with the times. Audencia, the management school, is strengthening its strategy in line with the challenges of the time without departing from its DNA. A marked identity summed up in a credo “Audencia does not aim to be the best school in the world, but to be a … Read more

Unemployment insurance hotly debated before the Council of State

New return to the Council of State, Thursday, October 14, for the reform of unemployment insurance. Still at the request of the unions, this time in a united front against the decree implementing the government reform on 1er last October. In June, the highest administrative authority had argued to“uncertainties about the economic situation” to already … Read more

Allianz records annual net profit down 14%

German insurance giant Allianz saw its profit slip last year for the first time since 2011, under the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, but said it expected a rebound in 2021. net group share fell 14% year on year in 2020, to 6.8 billion euros, and operating profit, at 10.8 billion euros, lost 9%. Read … Read more

The Senate embarks on the battle for borrower insurance

The senators removed in committee the possibility of termination at any time, considering that this device would not create new savings, but risked penalizing the elderly and fragile public. The Senate with a right-wing majority tackles on Wednesday January 26 the reform of borrower insurance, whose flagship measure, the possibility for the buyer of a … Read more

Paris aims for an agreement of the 27 by June

The text proposed by Brussels to prohibit the import into the EU of certain products, such as soya, when they contribute to deforestation could be extended by the Twenty-Seven to other raw materials and other threatened ecosystems , France said on Friday, aiming for an agreement between the states by June. Read alsoMassive deforestation in … Read more

Free training, in legal English and in “Business English and 100% online

More than 5,000 lawyers, lawyers, students and trainee lawyers and many other professionals in 27 countries have already downloaded the resources created by Ken Fagan. This legal English trainer has 10,000 hours of experience, Qualiopi certified, and offers courses approved by the Conseil National des Barreaux. Where can this content be found? As a lawyer … Read more

the local health insurance scheme lowers its contributions

The local health insurance scheme of Alsace-Moselle has announced that it will lower the employee contribution of its policyholders from 1.5% to 1.3% in 2022. This compulsory complementary health insurance, specific to the departments of Haut-Rhin , Bas-Rhin and Moselle, and inherited from the very generous German social legislation of the beginning of the 20th … Read more

EDC Paris Business School: satisfying your development desires

The EDC Paris Business School is a business school training managers who meet the demands of tomorrow’s business world. With 70 years of expertise, the school offers new professional horizons to its students in initial and continuing education. Agility, efficiency, posture, know-how, this is what companies expect today. EDC Paris Business School successfully conveys these … Read more

Bitcoin plunges and drags other cryptocurrencies

In all, the recent drop in cryptocurrency prices has wiped $400 billion from the market which is now valued at just over $2 trillion. Bitcoin has lost more than 20% of its value in a week, leading some investors to wonder if the cryptocurrency buying fever of more than six months is starting to die … Read more

a broker and manager who is reinventing personal insurance

The subjects inherent to insurance and health weigh heavily in business. Due to a lack of time, but also given the technicality of these subjects, managers and HR departments increasingly need trusted third parties to manage them. For 50 years, the COLONNA group has delivered its know-how in social protection while injecting new energy into … Read more