Solar energy booming in Kenya [Business Africa]

While climate change is a reality that is imposed on all, the rapid deployment of solar energy is a major challenge for the future in Africa, especially since the continent has 40% of the world’s solar potential.

According to the “Renewables 2022 global status report” of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), sales of off-grid solar products totaled 7.4 million units in 2021. Kenya ranks first in sales material with 1.7 million units sold. In this episode of Business AfricaAndrew Amadi, CEO of the Kenya Renewable Energy Association, explains the challenges of energy transition on the African continent.

7th edition of the Forum of the builders of Egypt

The seventh Egypt Builders Forum was held this year under the theme “Development and Financing Opportunities in Africa and Arab Countries in Light of the Changing International Situation”. During this summit, Arab and African delegations discussed ways to improve their development strategy in light of global financial and economic developments.

In Ghana, fertilizer shortage favors locally produced compost

Ghana, like the whole world, is not spared the consequences of the war in Ukraine and in order to reduce the impact on crop yields in the country. The Ghanaian Minister of Food and Agriculture has proposed that farmers adopt organic compost produced locally by recycling and composting factories.

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