Solana (SOL) failure: the cause finally revealed

Solana (SOL) price: what is the current price?

According to the teams, a runtime bug in the “durable nonce transactions” system has occurred. What they call “non-determinism” has therefore arisen, i.e. validators end up processing a transaction twice rather than once, at the same time receiving different blocks for the same node. .

On June 1, Solana’s Mainnet Beta cluster suffered a four-and-a-half-hour outage caused by a bug in the durable nonce transactions feature, which caused consensus to crash. Read the full report below

This mess forced Solana to deactivate the network for a few hours, to carry out troubleshooting before restarting the production of the blocks.

Growing success for Solana

Despite the few hiccups that may still occur, Solana has gradually established itself as a major player in the Web 3.0 ecosystem for several months.

For example, the Solana blockchain recently passed the token threshold of 2 billion total NFT salesdespite the backdrop of a general decline in sales of these non-fungible tokens.

Solana Blockchain surpasses $2 billion in all-time NFT sales despite market crash

According to data from Be[In]Crypto, an average monthly transactions of $150 million have been made year-to-date on Solana, bringing the blockchain-hosted NFT sales figure to around 2.35 billion as of June 5.

This positive sentiment on Solana is confirmed by Gov Capital analysts who estimated in their latest price prediction for a year that the native token can reach $294 next June. That means around $700 in 2023 for a $100 purchase today.

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