Soaring costs forced bakers to raise baguette prices

Soaring raw materials and energy weaken bakers who are forced to increase the price of the baguette. However, the increase remains contained at this stage, assures the national confederation of bakery and pastry.

The baguette is getting more and more expensive. According to INSEE, its price was on average 93 cents in France last June. Or 4 cents increase in one year. The BFM Business float also testifies to this increase in supermarkets: this week, the price of the traditional baguette on our drive test was 89 cents, or 6% increase compared to the previous week.

Despite everything, the soaring prices in bakery remain under control, assures BFM Business the president of the National Confederation of French Bakery-Pastry, Dominique Anract:

“If we had to pass on the increases to prices, there would be increases of 30%. All items have increased: raw materials, energy and packaging. completely reasonable, ”says Dominique Anract.

“It’s a ticking time bomb”

The price of the baguette is a marker of inflation, carefully evaluated by consumers. So to prevent the price from increasing too much, bakers are cutting back on their margins. But Dominique Anract fears that this will not be possible for very long:

“It’s a time bomb. I’m worried because on the next balance sheets, if only on raw materials, we’re going to have a sharp rise. It’s going to be seen in the next balance sheet, the margins will really reduce” , he points out.

Under these conditions, the national bakery confederation is asking the government for aid, in particular so that bakers can change their ovens. Because today, many still run on oil and gas.

Laura Cambaud with Paul Louis

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