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Instagram offers new features for its paid subscriptions

After launching paid subscriptions for certain creators on Instagram in January 2022, Adam Mosseri announces the launch of several new features accessible via these paid subscriptions, aimed at creating contact between creators and subscribers, while systematizing the income received by creators.

Originally, these paid subscriptions to certain creators allowed subscribers to benefit from exclusive content (stories and lives reserved for subscribers) and to display a subscription badge on their profile. Now, subscribed users can have access to several new features.

Subscriber Chat : Creators can now create private chats with up to 30 members.

Stream Posts : in addition to Stories and Reels, creators can now share photos and videos on their Instagram feed, only to their premium subscribers.

Subscriber Home : premium subscribers will find the “Subscriber Home” on a creator’s profile, which lists all the content exclusively dedicated to them thanks to their premium subscription.

Adam Mosseri specifies that these new functionalities mark only the beginning of several other novelties in the months to come.

?? Updating subscriptions??

Subscriptions are a great way for creators to have predictable income and for fans to get exclusive content from creators they love.

This update includes:
– Subscriber chats
– Subscriber Reels
– Subscriber Posts
– Subscriber reception

-Adam Mosseri (@mosseri) July 14, 2022

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