SMEs: when the insurer becomes a business facilitator

What if insurers had much more to offer business executives than just standard insurance contracts? This is Groupama’s conviction. For the mutual insurer, the support must be personalized to match the specificities of each SME. Groupama targets companies with large buildings, state-of-the-art equipment and large stocks as well as those whose most valuable asset is their intellectual assets. Therefore, taking into account the risks related to their activity, their property or their employees is expressed in a radically different way. In addition, the executive’s personal liability may be incurred following a management error or a violation of legislative or regulatory provisions, for example. In this case, it is his personal heritage that must be protected.

The account manager, a true ally of the SME manager
The Groupama account manager acts as a true business facilitator. A trusted advisor, he is also a specialist in business risks, providing products and services tailored to their business. This networker is able to present the leader with partners on whom to count. The key is optimized management of costs and risks, as well as newfound peace of mind for the manager of an SME. Because it is indeed often multi-tasking and must make many decisions in the same day – which is a source of stress and errors. He therefore appreciates being able to count on account managers capable of understanding his business and establishing lasting relationships, with great relational proximity.
Thanks to the support of the account manager, the manager can carry out his arbitrations, decide for example to bear certain risks or, on the contrary, to have them guaranteed by his insurer.

To carry out all his missions, the business manager is of course not alone. While he remains the sole and privileged interlocutor of the manager, he mobilizes numerous specialized experts. Groupama’s global resolution approach thus enables it to call on experienced profiles in the protection of property, people and business, depending on needs. The result: personalized insurance solutions, whatever the sector. Depending on each activity, Groupama provides a precise response for the protection of employees, premises, equipment, tools and goods. Account managers are also proactive in terms of prevention, alongside Groupama’s experts, to limit risks.

Business managers engaged in the field
Another particularity of Groupama: the mutual insurer has real local roots. The business managers’ scope of activity is thus concentrated on a department, under the responsibility of a regional decision-making center and not a national one.

This detailed knowledge of the economic fabrics of each territory allows them to gain in relevance, to speak the same language as the managers accompanied, whether they evolve within the plastics division of the department of Ain, for example, in the bar turning sector in Haute-Savoie or in the food industry in Brittany. The geographical proximity of the account manager allows him to move around the company’s premises to discuss with the manager if necessary.
Women and men of networks
SME owners also have their territory at heart and seek to develop local life by strengthening their network. Close to the economic players in each department, the Groupama account managers are modifying this approach. They are able to provide contractors with subcontractors, service providers, suppliers and even new customers. What impose themselves, in the eyes of the leaders, as true partners.

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