(slightly) “greener” contracts

It will have been necessary that the public authorities oblige them so that the insurers propose in their multi-support contracts offers of “green” funds and socially responsible investment (SRI). It is in fact the law that has forced them, since this year, to include at least one fund that has obtained the State SRI label; an offer which will have to be supplemented, from next year, by at least one green fund with the Greenfin label, and/or a solidarity fund with the Finansol label, i.e. investing part of the sums collected in companies in the social and solidarity economy that do not place the search for financial profit among their priorities.

From now on, all contracts offered to the public therefore include at least one “sustainable” fund, and some go much further. Online brokers thus offer palettes of several hundred supports, and sustainable funds generally number in the dozens. At Linxea, for example, Linxea Spirit 2 contains 200. There are also a handful of contracts that have chosen exclusively such financial offers.

This is the case with MAIF’s Responsible and Solidarity Life Insurance, the Crédit Agricole Solidarity Contract and, more recently, Responsible Préfon-Vie, developed by the supplementary pension scheme reserved for members and former members. of the public service. This last contract is however open to all public.

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If the law pushes insurers to step up the pace, this is not the only reason for this sudden craze: This corresponds to a real demand from our policyholders », testifies Stéphane Dessirier, general manager of the MACSF, a specialized mutual health insurance company.

The results are there

In the wake of the development of managed management, insurers have also developed automatic savings management offers that meet the expectations of savers who wish to favor these sustainable funds. Suravenir thus offers a Conviction sustainable development mandate, administered by the group’s management company, Fédéral Finance Gestion, and launched in December 2019. For its first calendar year of activity, it obtained a gain of 4.8% by reconciling taking into account extra-financial criteria and the search for performance.

Boursorama Banque, which has been practicing managed management for several years with Edmond de Rothschild, has also extended its offer to SRI through mandates entrusted to the management company Sycomore, which constructs allocations responding to different levels of risk, exclusively through funds that have obtained the SRI label promoted by the State.

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