Shiny Gold exhibition in pictures: enter a utopian world at the Gaîté Lyrique

Lyrical gaiety
Until November 6, 2022

Re-envisioning tomorrow is his lifelong mantra. A line of life that Nelly Ben Hayoun-Stépanian brings into dialogue with extravagant and dazzling materials in a utopian installation. Through a mind-blowing exhibition, the artist invites us into his rococo kingdom and his extraordinary aesthetic to counter the symbiosis of energies and forms of life that meet. In an era that she judges at the heights of the apocalypse, the visual artist strives tirelessly to bring us back to more solar and spiritual universes.

His spectacular installation, which oscillates between distortion of scales and excessiveness of forms, plunges us into an alternative reality ready to welcome the sunny stories of the world of tomorrow. Invited to the hollows of monumental and generously open hands, we enter an enchanted island, in which the lights radiate on the phosphorescent stones of the ground. From one entity to another, passing through the sun, water, air and earth, we discover our feeling of belonging to this great cosmos, at once vegetable, mineral and animal, which supports our anchoring to the ground and others. A body in which we are one, dazzling in its power and touching in its fragility.

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