Several Apple and Google apps are missing privacy data, says new report

After analyzing more than 5 million active apps on the App Store and Play Store in the first quarter of this year, a new report suggests that 10% of these apps failed to detect privacy policies.

According to fraud protection firm Pixalate, Apple requires apps to submit data about their privacy policies and show it to consumers in a “nutrition label” format. In the wake of this feature, Google has also followed suit on the Play Store, AppleInsider reports.

The report mentions that there are 7,87,000 apps without a declared privacy policy, which represents 17% of active apps in Google’s app market and 13% of apps in the App Store.

However, the report does not include the fact that Apple requires app developers to submit privacy policies with app updates. If an app hasn’t been updated for a while, it will be missing a privacy report.

It is likely that many App Store apps are discontinued or no longer updated in general.

In some cases, a developer may intentionally withhold app updates to keep their privacy policies private, but that’s probably not the norm.

The report also suggests that 98% of apps that lack a stated privacy policy also lack terms of service. He also found that about 5,000 apps on the App Store share end-user IP information with ad bidders.



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