semi-automatic offside, hands… the rules that were to change next season

At a meeting in Doha, the IFAB is expected to consider new rules that will come into effect on July 1. All five changes will now be official, while the hand rule will change again.

The IFAB is preparing to validate new rules. Meeting this Monday in Doha, the International Football Association Board must consider changes to certain rules, which will become official on July 1. They should therefore be applied for the World Cup in Qatar (November 21-December 18).

Particular emphasis will be placed on the regulations around hands in the box, in view of the many controversies of recent months. A new rule stipulates that if a player prevents a but or a clear chance by committing a hand, he must be ejected, regardless of where on the court.

The five official changes

The possibility of making five changes will be validated in all competitions that wish it. The championships of each country can adopt it or not, but in all the competitions organized by FIFA, the five changes will be official, in particular at the World Cup.

Introduced during the health crisis, this rule will allow coaches to use three windows (excluding half-time) to make their changes. In extra time, a sixth substitution will be possible if the rules of the competition provide for it.

The semi-automatic offside under study

For goalkeepers, the rule explaining their placement on but shots will be reformulated. It will be forbidden to have one foot in front and another behind the line. Bases must have both feet in direct contact with the butt line until the shot is taken.

At the same time, the semi-automatic offside, present in the Arab Cup and the Club World Cup, is still under study and a decision will not be made during the meeting on Monday. The IFAB will also study the possibility of increasing the number of players per selection for the World Cup in Qatar to 26.

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