Sarah Bovy wins with a 100% female crew in the Gold Cup at the 24 Hours of Spa… the opportunity to have mentalities assessed

This performance is also an opportunity to have mentalities assessed, particularly in motorsport. “We are here above all as racing drivers. We are here for the competition because it is in our blood. It is true that we are supported by Deborah Mayer’s Iron Dames project, which aims to promote women in motorsport. We have a certain responsibility towards that. We take it with pleasure. Achieving these kinds of results obviously helps the project move forward. It’s great for the idea one day to see a little more women get involved in motorsport. It’s really possible. There are plenty of disciplines in which they can be improved. As drivers, engineers, mechanics, in support functions. We don’t have any badly in our team, it’s going really well. Our team manager is a woman, she will be with us on the podium and I think it’s great.”she punctuated.

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