Salon-de-Provence: Gautelier Avocats continues to take off

1is December, Maëva Gautelier Senatore takes possession of new premises in Salon-de-Provence where she founded her firm Gautelier Avocats in 2018. Lawyer at the bar of Aix-en-Provence, the 29-year-old young woman is experiencing this stage with enthusiasm. communicative. Until then, his small team (two employees) rented the ground floor of one of those old buildings that make up the charm of the city of Salon. ” This was my project for 2021! We will be able to accommodate our customers more comfortably, my employees will have individual offices, we will have a meeting room, secure archives… Concerned about the quality of life at work, I want a firm where you feel good. In the process, at the beginning of 2022, I will recruit an apprenticeship contract, the objective being to further expand the workforce over time. »

Camille Merlet: “Stop this brain drain and bring young people with us”

Determination and passion are bubbling in this lawyer trained at Aix-Marseille University (where she is now a lecturer in commercial law and contract law), then at the Institute of Business Law in Aix-en-Provence and the school of lawyers of Marseilles. ” From my adolescence, I never imagined any other job! After my diploma, I did several internships in corporate legal departments or business law firms. I discovered the desire to undertake and set up on my own! Salon-de-Provence, a dynamic city, was an appropriate setting to get started… But I also have files elsewhere in France. »

Decipher the complexity

Gautelier Avocats practices in business law and real estate law. Its expansion was based mainly on word-of-mouth, social networks and then the website provided support. The first case handled concerned a sale of a company. She is fully invested in it. ” I kept assignor and buyer as clients “, she rejoices. She admits that the first six months were complicated, but she had no doubts, too happy to implement her own ideas, in responsibility. ” I have never been afraid, she assures. Gradually, customers arrived. I perceived a real need for proximity, support… A certain recurrence has set in, in particular thanks to the possibility of a monthly or quarterly legal subscription for companies without a legal department who frequently expect advice, or for others who have one but wish to outsource the judicial part. Today, 50% of the firm’s activity concerns advice, 50% litigation, that’s good, I like both! “.

The health crisis has brought her face to face with leaders asking for clarification on how to solve the problems arising from this unprecedented situation.

Despite the confinement, I finalized my first hiring, a real milestone in the evolution of the firm. I did well, given the demands afterwards. To make life easier for customers, I have written more than thirty practical sheets on government orders, aid systems, etc. In one page, I have tried to decipher the points they need to know in order to continue their activity. in a context of increased complexity due to the uncertainty of tomorrow and the volume of texts to be analysed. Our profession is changing with dematerialization, the Covid-19 has accelerated it… It was essential to remain close, united, certain sectors having been strongly impacted, with many legal problems on relations with donors, losses operations, insurance contracts, etc. “.

Promote responsiveness

During the period, the lawyer created a secure digital platform to facilitate access for her clients to the documents published for them by the firm. Today, Maëva Gautelier Senatore admits to being impressed by ” the resilience of entrepreneurs “. Convinced that it is up to her to promote the importance for each company to establish its structure and its development on solid legal bases in order to avoid later (bad) surprises, the lawyer regularly intervenes in interprofessional networks (notaries, chartered accountants, etc., consular offices, organizations helping to set up or take over a business, such as the Agglopole Provence Initiative platform in Salon or the CRA in Aix. ” The lawyer is a privileged interlocutor to secure all the acts that make up the life of a company. In this way, I try to contribute my part to the growth of the territory. »

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