Saints Row has gone gold and confirms its release in August

Initially, the reboot Saints Row was supposed to be released at the end of February this year. Unfortunately, in November 2021, the developers of the Volition studio had indicated that they needed more time to refine the game. As a result, the official release of Saints Row had been postponed to this summer of 2022. However, that’s it, players will soon be able to get their hands on the title.

On this subject, the Volition studio recently announced good news, via a post on the game’s official Twitter account: Saints Row just went gold. This means that the development of the game is finished and that the software will arrive, therefore, indeed on August 23, as planned.

As a reminder, this new Saints Row opus will invite players to discover new environments: we will be able to explore more open, even desert areas. Obviously, the title respects the formula of the franchise and offers its share of chases and fights. In addition, everyone will be able to personalize, as they wish, their character, their weapons or even the vehicles, thanks to an advanced personalization system. On the scenario side, the players will lead to take control of Santo Ileso and will have to unify different gangs that oppose everything, namely the Idols, Los Panteros and The Marshall.

Saints Row therefore arrives on August 23, 2022. The title is available on PC (via the Epic Games Store platform), PS5, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Series. You can already pre-order it while saving money on the following platforms:

  • CP → €37.49 instead of €54.95, i.e. 32% reduction.
  • €54.85 instead of €69.99, i.e. 22% off.

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