RLTY, the event business in the metaverse

The start-up RLTY encourages brands to develop virtual events in the metaverse. This sea serpent has been on everyone’s lips since Meta and other tech giants have taken a keen interest in it.

Thanks to an initial fundraising of 4 million euros, RLTY offers “a tool to allow a third party to create a virtual experience in a few minutes”, presents Raphaël Assouline, one of the co-founders of RLTY, to ZDNet.

For the moment, the result is not quite there: it takes on average one month to design a virtual event, recognize the entrepreneur.

3D interactions

RLTY will offer from September the rental of pieces of land in The Sandbox and Decentraland to organize fairs, festivals and other “corporate” events in 100% virtual.

The start-up offers its customers access to virtual grounds, a 3D library of places, buildings and rooms with customizable infrastructures, NFT ticket creation and distribution tools, marketing, gamification and monetization.

The solution also provides a dashboard to follow the course of the event and analyze a large amount of data (number of participants, interactions, time spent, costs, benefits, etc.).

RLTY notably tested its concept on a full-scale during the Paris Blockchain Week Summit last April. The virtual event provided 3,300 people in Decentraland for an average connection time of 20 minutes per visitor.

From digital twins to virtual worlds

By selling tailor-made and analytics, the co-founders of RLTY seek to revitalize the event sector in a post-pandemic world where the hybrid occupies a large part of the exchanges.

In the future, the start-up may have to work with metaverse agencies for specific needs, specifies Raphaël Assouline.

“Tomorrow, all events will have their twins in the virtual world. With RLTY, brands could create 100% virtual, more profitable, more targeted events, including the integration of NFT and payment in cryptocurrencies,” imagines the entrepreneur.

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