Repeated bad weather: towards a surge in home insurance? – 20 hour diary

Éric Delfaut was not the most affected by the hailstorms that hit Monday evening in Gironde. But like many inhabitants of the region, this victim of Taillan-Médoc fears an increase in the prices for his home insurance in the coming months. The repetition of high-intensity climatic episodes such as frost, hail, floods or drought must drive up the bill everywhere in France. If thirty years ago, compensation for these claims cost one billion euros each year, the note has been multiplied by four this time. And that’s just the start. As explained by Florence Lustman, president of France Assureurs, in the report at the top of this article. The increase in rates for policyholders therefore seems inevitable. But it will not be the same for everyone. It should be greater in the regions most affected by climatic hazards such as PACA or Occitanie and will be more measured elsewhere. In addition, individual houses will be exposed to climatic risks and will see their insurance prices increase more than those of apartments. TF1 | Report C. Adriaens German, E. Braem, C. Rousseau


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