relaunch of a trans-Saharan gas pipeline project

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The trans-Saharan gas pipeline project (the TSGP) has been relaunched. This 4,000 kilometer gas pipeline project, which would have its source in Nigeria, would cross the Niger to reach the Algerian coast for export to Europe. Nigerien, Algerian and Nigerien ministers and their teams met in Abuja earlier this week. A second meeting after the one held in Niamey in February 2022. This tripartite meeting confirmed the will of the three States to relaunch this project which had been at half mast for several years.

A steering committee has been formed in Abuja and the first stages of a roadmap have been set. The priority: to update the remuneration study for this gas pipeline carried out in 2006 and which had been reviewed in 2012. The watchword: “ Move fast and well “. A next tripartite meeting is scheduled in Algiers at the end of July.

A window has opened »

Why relaunch this project today? “ A window has opened “says an expert. The price of the cubic m3 of gas exploded; fossil energy, gas is however promoted in the energy transition. Moreover, the political and security context is pushing Europeans to look for new sources of supply.

ten billion dollars

Today, confides the same expert, investors should be more inclined to get involved in this project, the cost of which is over 10 billion dollars. Another point in favor of the trans-Saharan gas pipeline: Algeria and Nigeria have each made progress on other infrastructure projects that could be used for the TSGP.

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