Razer DevCon 2021: all about Razer Gold, the virtual currency of the American manufacturer

The Razer DevCon 2021 will take place tomorrow, May 7, 2021, from 7:00 p.m. on the channel Tic from the American manufacturer. On the program of this event intended for developers, but open to fans of the brand, there will be a part dedicated to Razer Gold, the manufacturer’s virtual currency. It will be explained how to integrate them, but also how to use them. During our interview with Justin Cooney, Director of Global Partnerships at the house of Razer, who is in charge of the event, we tried to find out a little more about what these Razer Gold not to be confused with loyalty points Razer Money.

  • What are Razer Golds?

Justin Cooney: Razer Gold is the virtual currency of gamers around the world, it is possible to use them to buy games and in-game content. Gamers can make purchases with Razer Gold in over 34,000 games and content, and every Razer Gold spend earns them Razer Silver, our loyalty program. They can then redeem their Razer Silver for Razer products, discounts at RazerStore.com, lifestyle products and more.

  • Why did you create a virtual currency?

Justin Cooney: For end users, Razer Gold offers a myriad of payment methods (including offline payment methods in emerging countries where credit card penetration is low) around the world to make payment for games and content easily accessible and practical.

Fragmented payment services create unwanted residual value stuck in multiple different gaming wallets for customers. Razer Gold provides users with neutral and unified virtual credit that is easy to obtain, widely available across online and offline channels, and accepted by a growing number of content providers (Razer Gold is currently available for 34,000 games and content from entertainment).

The Razer Gold Service aims to consolidate all online content purchases into one service to better manage residual value balances in a user’s digital wallet.

  • What are your ambitions with the Razer Gold?

Justin Cooney: As the size of the global video game market grows, we take into account the growing needs of users who want to pay for their games and content conveniently, and with a wide range of local payment methods.

Razer Gold seeks to bridge the gap between games and content on the one hand, and users on the other, by providing convenient and accessible payment methods around the world, especially in emerging markets such as Southeast Asia, Latin America and the Middle East, but also in growing markets like Europe, including France.

  • Does it bring anything to the studios to integrate RG in their productions?

Justin Cooney: Razer Gold provides studios and businesses with a single turnkey integration to access various payment methods and start monetizing their digital content to users around the world. The Razer Gold service is neutral and not affiliated with any platform.

As Razer Gold and Razer Silver interact with Razer’s existing gaming and entertainment businesses, studios and gamers will be able to take advantage of Razer’s entire gaming ecosystem, providing payment services, marketing and through our loyalty program. Studios will be able to effectively monetize their games and content globally, especially in emerging markets, through the payment methods (including offline payment methods) that Razer Gold is able to offer .

Additionally, Razer Gold will be able to attract Razer users to games and content offered through this service and also increase engagement through marketing efforts.

  • What more does it bring to gamers than a classic loyalty program? ?

Justin Cooney: Razer Gold provides gamers with neutral virtual credit that is easy to obtain, widely available across online and offline channels, and accepted by a growing number of content providers. The Razer Gold Service consolidates all online content purchases into one service to better manage residual value balances in a gamer’s digital wallet.

Gamers in emerging markets such as Southeast Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East who don’t have a credit card can pay for their favorite games and content through offline payment channels. Razer Gold. Gamers will also be able to benefit from great pricing, as Razer Gold offers them great added value through marketing promotions.

Finally, players will automatically be credited with Razer Silver (Razer’s loyalty points) when they spend Razer Gold on any game or entertainment content. Gamers can then redeem Razer products and third-party products such as games and coupons for free, enhancing their gaming experience.

If you want to know even more on the subject, the Razer DevCon 2021 will take place tomorrow from 7:00 p.m. on Tic. If, in the meantime, you want to treat yourself, the online store of Razer is here.


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