Prunay Impact, a start-up studio dedicated to insurance and greentech, Aids and Networks

It is in its castle in Louveciennes (Yvelines) that the Prunay group has chosen to give birth to its future entrepreneurial nuggets. The claims adjuster for insurance companies is dedicating part of the site to his brand new start-up studio, called Prunay Impact Studio. About ten employees work there to identify promising technologies and convert them into young innovative companies.

In this adventure, the group will put its insurance expertise to good use, but it will mainly tackle new sectors of activity and rely on its entrepreneurial know-how. “We position ourselves on three main themes: insurance, which is the core business of our parent company, greentech, and health, whether human or animal,” explains Asim Maqbool, director of operations and co-founder of the start. -up studio.

The creation of Prunay Impact Studio is part of the diversification policy of the Prunay group, which today owns several brands such as Passimmo or Manexi, respectively specialized in real estate diagnosis and CSR. Now it’s time for young entrepreneurs, in which the parent company does not hesitate to invest: “In addition to infrastructure and a few employees in support functions, the group provides us with a seed fund of 10 million euros,” says Asim Maqbool. . A substantial envelope that allows you to invest between 200,000 and 500,000 euros in each of the future young shoots. The latter will also benefit from the network of entrepreneurs and investors of the Prunay group as well as from its visibility.

Two start-ups already on track

Remaining discreet since its creation in March 2021, Prunay Impact Studio has already co-founded two companies. The first is an online insurance and mutual insurance platform for dogs and cats, named Pety. While the marketing was introduced on June 13, the start-up plans to raise funds of 1.5 million euros by the end of the year. Comes next Pepkon, a biotech working on innovative cancer treatments. While 700,000 euros have already been secured, the team of 6 people is aiming for 3 million euros in investments this fall. Often, as was the case for Pepkon, science is at the origin of innovation: “Researchers seek out their technology, their know-how and we become operational and financial co-founders. In other words, we are there to support the creation of the start-up and its strategic development”, explains the director of operations.

“Researchers bring their technology, their know-how and we become operational and financial co-founders”.

Asim MaqboulDirector of Operations and co-founder of Prunay Impact Studio

Faced with the first promising results of the first two young shoots of the start-up studio, Prunay saw twenty proposals flourish. However, the group has restricted entries, and says it wants to focus on two to three companies per year. “To select future start-ups, we look at the societal and/or environmental impact, we check that the project leader has a strong appetite for entrepreneurship, but also and above all, we study the market. We have to make sure that there is a real need,” emphasizes Asim Maqbool. A first secret project is already on the right track, and should integrate the start-up studio by the end of the year.

To also ensure the good development of young shoots, Prunay Impact Studio wishes to create in the coming months a restricted network of business angels, in order to promote co-investment.

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