program if your CO₂ emissions are really “sustainable”

Small gestures, real efforts and a questioning of the current economic and social system… The objectives of the fight against climate change call for strong political decisions and profound upheavals for everyone.

However, the transformations they imply at the individual level are difficult to grasp. While the carbon footprint of a French person was around 9 tons on average in 2019, according to the Ministry of Ecological Transition (including emissions from imported products), these emissions should be reduced to less than 2 tons of CO equivalent2 per person to register in “a sustainable lifestyle (…) in balance with the natural capacity of our country to absorb our emissions”estimates the Environment and Energy Management Agency (Ademe).

But what do these numbers correspond to in everyday life? What does this objective of collectively dividing our greenhouse gas emissions by more than four imply? Food, current consumption, housing, transport… Without trying to carry out an exhausting carbon balance, Les Décodeurs offers you to estimate an order of magnitude of your major sources of greenhouse gas emissions.

You can move the interactive sliders below to compare them with the Sustainable Emissions Goals.

5.3 tonnes eq. CO22

This presentation is of course partial. It does not take into account, for example, the State’s greenhouse gas emissions: public services generate around 1.5 tonnes of greenhouse gases per inhabitant.

Moreover, the majority of ecological transition specialists believe that efforts cannot rest on the shoulders of individuals alone: ​​companies (and therefore the State) must also reduce their own emissions and act in the face of the climate crisis. they will help reduce both social and environmental devastation.

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