Pollution alert: emergency measures taken by the prefect of Puy-de-Dôme

Faced with an episode of winter pollution with fine particles (PM10), Philippe Chopin, prefect of Puy-de-Dôme, issued an order establishing a list of emergency measures to reduce pollutant emissions.
This decree takes effect from this Friday, January 14, 5 p.m., except for the measures relating to transport which take effect tomorrow, Saturday, January 15, from 5 a.m.

Measures relating to the transport sector:

• Vehicle pollution controls are reinforced;
• a temporary speed reduction of 20 km/h is introduced on all roads in the department where the authorized speed limit is greater than or equal to 90 km/h, for all motor vehicles (on roads at 130 km/h , the speed is reduced to 110 km/h; on roads at 110 km/h, the speed is reduced to 90 km/h; on roads at 90 km/h, the speed is reduced to 70 km/h);
• axes whose authorized speed is equal to 80 km/h will be limited to 70 km/h;
• speed limits below 80 km/h remain unchanged.

Measures relating to the industrial sector:

• reduction of particulate emissions from industrial establishments.
• VOC-emitting operations must be postponed until the end of the episode: maintenance work, degassing of an installation, loading or unloading of products emitting volatile organic compounds in the absence of a vapor recovery device, etc.

Measures relating to construction sites and quarries
• any company whose activity on construction sites generates dust must reduce it;
• the use of thermal handling machinery should be limited in favor of electric machinery;
• the use of generators is only authorized to satisfy the power supply of essential interests, in particular safety;
• Operations emitting particles or nitrogen oxides must be postponed until the end of the episode in the absence of an adequate treatment device.

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Measures relating to the residential sector
• The use of wood and its derivatives as supplementary individual heating is prohibited;
• Maintenance or cleaning work with non-electric tools or with products based on organic solvents (white spirit, paint, varnish) must be postponed until the end of the pollution episode. The measure applies in green spaces and public gardens, but also in private places;
• The temperature of buildings must be controlled and reduced.

Measures relating to the agricultural sector
• Burning and burning of agricultural materials are prohibited and exemptions for these practices are suspended.
• The burning of agricultural and forestry by-products is prohibited. Any exceptions are suspended.

• In dry weather, the cleaning of silos and ground work is postponed.
• Immediate burial of effluents is made mandatory.

Measures relating to pyrotechnic shows
• Fireworks are prohibited during the pollution episode.

Vulnerable and sensitive people are invited to observe the following health recommendations:
• avoid intense physical activity;
• postpone the activities that require the most effort;
• move away from major highways during peak periods;
• seek advice in the event of respiratory or cardiac discomfort.

And in general:
• favor shorter outings and those that require the least effort;
• limit intense physical activities

In the event of further deterioration in air quality, new, more restrictive measures may be taken, in particular the introduction of differentiated traffic. The differentiation between vehicles authorized or prohibited to circulate is based on air quality certificates called Crit’Air vignettes. In concrete terms, during the first two days of the pollution episode, only vehicles with a Crit’Air sticker will be authorized to circulate within a defined perimeter. From the 3rd day, vehicles without vignette and class 4 and 5 will no longer be able to circulate.
The scope will be defined for each episode depending on the situation.
Air quality is a major public health issue and the Prefect appeals to everyone’s civic conscience to limit pollutant emissions throughout the year.

For an exhaustive list of all the measures, the prefectural decree relating to the basic emergency measures taken in the context of the alert level 1 air pollution episode dated January 14, 2022 can be found on the website. of the prefecture.


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