Polkadot developer seeks $27 million refund from Three Arrows Capital

This is what recent court documents used, relayed by the hurry which clarifies that the developer of Polkadot submitted a complaint in June targeting the crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital. Moonbeam is a Polkadot-based smart contract network that enables interoperability between Polkadot and Ethereum networks.

We reiterate our request for immediate repayment of our two outstanding loans writes Moonbeam director Aaron Evansa.

Court documents regarding the liquidation of 3AC reveal that the company has a debt of 27 million dollars with Polkadot, #ReportIgnis #News Read more 🎧https://t.co/wtikq7HMuK

The deal now in dispute between the two companies was entered into on September 20, 2021, with an interest rate of 12%.

In other Polkadot news, fintech app Revolut has announced a course to grasp the mechanisms by which Polkadot unites blockchains in Web3.

Our customers are very eager to learn more about cryptocurrencies. [Le cours] “Learn & Earn” helps them better understand the trends, risks and potential opportunities associated with Crypto. Our collaboration with Web3 Foundation on Polkadot, one of the most popular blockchain networks, helps clients get on with the concepts of crypto commented Emil Urmashin, Managing Director Crypto at Revolut.

Price prediction for DOT

The price of the native DOT token has been steadily rising for the past few days, and this surge could be explained by recent ecosystem updates that are gaining blockchain interest among investors. According to indicate of the second quarter, more than 400 grants were approved during the period, while the number of developers has now reached 1,400, a 75% increase year-on-year.

Users will have the opportunity to take the Crypto Basics course and the course on #Polkadot, and new #blockchains. Participants can earn up to $15, payable in DOT, after completing a short course quiz. 2/3 #Revolut https://t.co/lzhjSp57S3

According to buyers of trade beastsPolkadot has a bright future and will see a price hike through 2024 with discounts of $30,761.

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