politics | Pollution: Payan, “the Mediterranean is a lawless zone”

Benoît Payan launches a petition to exclude the most polluting ships in the event of an ozone peak

By Philippe Gallini / LM

At the initiative of its mayor (DVG) Benoît Payan, the City put online yesterday evening on its website (marseille.fr) a petition demanding that very strict standards be adopted quickly by international bodies in order to protect the Mediterranean and its local populations from the most polluting boats. “We are suffocating”, says the City in its petition. Has the situation become so untenable? Benoit Payan: The Mediterranean is probably the largest sea on the planet which is practically unregulated in terms of emissions of atmospheric and maritime pollutants. It is a lawless zone where shipowners can continue to pollute its waters, biodiversity, wealth and atmosphere with impunity. On a study

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