Play Store: Google removes the Movies & TV tab and invites users to the Google TV app

As Google announced earlier this year, the Movies & TV tab is starting to disappear from the Play Store. Users are now invited to go to the Google TV application to buy or rent films, series and documentaries, which is not unanimous.

The Mountain View company has been making several changes to its Play Store for the past few months. If the design remains the same, the operation changes gradually. Google has already launched Security Data Sheets, allowing users to see at a glance what data apps need and how developers use it.

And today, a new change is beginning to be applied to the firm’s application store. In effect, the Movies & TV tab begins to disappear from the Play Store on Android smartphones and tablets, a change announced by Google in March.

Google wants to attract more users to Google TV

Some Android smartphone owners have already noticed that the Movies & TV tab has disappeared from the Play Store, leaving only the Games, Apps and Books tabs.

The disappearance of the Movies & TV tab obviously does not mean that Android users can no longer buy or rent video content. But for that, they will now have to go through the application GoogleTV that the Californian giant wants to highlight. Some users deplore this change which prevents them from downloading all types of content from a single platform.

A new “Offers” tab?

The tab is starting to be removed from the Play Store on smartphones and tablets but is still available on the Desktop version, at least for now. The removal of the tab will be completed by June. The question now is whether the Movies & TV tab will be replaced by another one soon.

play store play pass tab

Credits: 9to5 Google

To date, it is unknown whether Google is replacing the tab with another, or whether the firm is leaving the space vacant, but as 9to5 Google reports, a fourth tab called “Play Pass” may soon arrive.

This is the subscription that Google offers on its application store, which allows users to enjoy exclusive premium content. This new tab could most likely be called “Offers” and list, as the name suggests, current offers and promotions on the Play Store.

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