personal data and parking, a bad mix for the planet

Green the parking lot

It all starts with a promise: that of a territory with a zero carbon footprint. La Rochelle then took on the air of a “smart city”, an anglicism that designates the use of new technologies to promote sustainable development. “Flowbird provides a digital service that saves consumables,” explains Olivier Prentout, deputy mayor of La Rochelle in charge of parking.

“To build a “green” storage center is too expensive. Instead of doing things by halves, we have chosen to be hosted in storage spaces that have a carbon footprint reduced as much as possible”, assures Yohann Guiot, personal data protection officer at Flowbird. The company is trying to reduce its environmental impact by developing its infrastructure, but Yohann Guiot acknowledges this: “It’s complicated to be completely neutral in terms of CO2 emissions in the digital world. »

Problem moved

Guillaume Pitron conducted a survey across the globe to follow the course of digital data and find out its ecological impact on the world. “Storage centers consume 10% of the world’s electricity, they pollute the water and gases are used there to cool the places, which are particularly polluting”, describes the journalist.

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