Perpignan: “The USAP and the 1-star campsite”, Louis Aliot replies to Patrick Arlettaz, the USAP manager

Sharply questioned by the USAP manager, Patrick Arlettaz, on the precarious conditions of the training and training center, which he describes as “1 star campsite”, Louis Aliot reacts. “The City’s financial commitment with USAP is 1.6 million euros this season. How much is that of other communities?”

“I understand the impatience of Patrick Arlettaz, whom I respect, but I believe that we must remind everyone of the commitments of the City of Perpignan alongside the USAP”. At a press conference this Monday, June 13, Louis Aliot replies to the USAP manager who describes the training conditions as worthy of “a 1 star campsite”. “The City supports the USAP to the tune of 1.6 million euros, an increase of 400,000 euros this year. To this must be added 300,000 euros in subsidies to the association. Let Mr. Arlettaz tell us what the commitments of the county council?

“I am fully behind the USAP, its influence, its image … are assets for Perpignan. But the City assumes much more than others. We have two professional rugby clubs with the Dragons, they capture 80 % of our subsidies. I am regularly questioned by the licensees of amateur clubs”, adds the mayor National Rally.

On the file of the training center, of which a project is launched, but in slow motion, even at a standstill, on the sports park, Louis Aliot pleads for “complexes delivered, land to be acquired with owners who are not always sellers, long procedures, we don’t do this by snapping our fingers”. Abefore adding that he “I should question my predecessor who did not advance a file that we have been carrying out for two years. The injunctions against the town hall are unfair”.

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