Perpignan – Pre-emption of Cloche d’Or businesses: “Now the legal route is open”, confirms the investors’ lawyer

While the town hall of Perpignan announced on July 27 to pre-empt the eleven commercial leases on rue de la Cloche d’Or, the investors’ lawyer assures that he will take the case to court.

The case of the eleven commercial leases on rue de la Cloche d’Or, of which the City of Perpignan announced the preemption on July 27, will continue well in court.

These ten businesses, but eleven leases, initially acquired by Abi-Nader Chukri in 2020, and which he wishes to resell to a group of investors with a secret identity, are therefore pre-empted by the municipality of Perpignan. Because, the mayor RN Louis Aliot, feared to see installer of “halal businesses”.

Contacted, Abi-Nader Chukri, did not wish to react for the moment on the subject. But, according to a source familiar with the matter, the owner-seller refused the preemption and “whatever the price“.

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A debate on the price and merits of preemption

The investors’ lawyer, MaĆ®tre Ilyacine Maallaoui, from the Paris bar and originally from Perpignan, confirms that the rest of the case is being played out in court. “We take note of the city hall’s choice to pre-empt the shops on rue de la Cloche d’Or. Now opens the legal way that we obviously do not refuse. There will be a debate on the price of the sale of the property, unless the town hall agrees to pre-empt at more than one million euros. But also on the merits of the preemption which must meet a criterion of general interest”.

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The question of the sale price should stir the debate. Asked about the subject, a specialist lawyer points out that: “Normally, when there is pre-emption, it must be at the price offered by the new buyer“. If, the mystery investors were ready, according to their lawyer, to pay 1.35 million euros, the town hall of Perpignan ensures for its part that this tariff “is ten times higher than the acquisition price while the shops have been closed for two years and part of the buildings are endangered.

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