PARIS: How do French entrepreneurs protect their business?

49% of entrepreneurs do not insure their business.

While France continues to beat business creation records with 1 million creations between June 2020 and May 2021, Easyblue and Legalstart wanted to know more about the state of protection for (very) small businesses. To do this, they questioned 1,749 self-employed and VSE managers on the basic professional insurance contract: professional civil liability. The aim here is to better understand the reasons for a marginal level of protection and to find concrete avenues for improvement in the professional insurance sector.

A general lack of coverage

To the question “Do you have a professional civil liability contract?” ยป, 52% of the self-employed simply answer that they are not insured. VSE managers are a little better covered, but still 40% do not take out insurance. This gap nevertheless makes us understand that larger structures such as VSEs (up to 10 employees) are generally more easily insured.

It should also be noted that the term RC Pro is generally not very well interpreted with 14% of the self-employed who do not comment and 9% on the side of the leaders of VSEs.

Price is not a convincing explanation

For 82% of entrepreneurs, it is rather the lack of time and information that are mentioned.

Indeed, the price of the contract (16%) rarely represents an obstacle, contrary to the difficulty of access to information (43%) and the lack of time (39%) which are mainly cited. For the vast majority of respondents (82%), these two factors therefore represent the main barrier to taking out an insurance contract for their company.

It also seems that the size of the structure influences access to information. It can be seen that 45% of the self-employed do not have information on the subject, against 36% for the leaders of VSEs. These figures can easily be explained by a difficulty for the self-employed to deal with subjects that do not directly concern the growth of the company.

Information: the key to the problem

With less than one in two entrepreneurs (44%) aware of the existence of professional civil liability, the problem must be dealt with at the root. Once again, and although the leaders of VSEs benefit from a slight lead with 56% of positive responses against only 41% among the independents, the lack of information is pointed out.

It is neither more nor less than the workhorse of professional insurance that is reflected with this study. With more than 180,000 independent installations in the first quarter of 2021, it is clear that solutions must be provided quickly. Today, it is the mission of the entire industry to make the ever-increasing number of small businesses aware of the risks associated with their activity.


Survey carried out between November 12 and 19, 2021 among 1,749 people representative of the French national population according to the quota method. Survey carried out online, on the BuzzPress France proprietary panel of 26,400 people on the LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter networks. All the information put forward is declarative.

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