panic and energy mess

“Big Business”, by Bertille Bayart Le Figaro

EXCLUSIVE LETTER SUBSCRIBERS – Soaring prices are shaking politicians and throwing statistics into a panic.

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Feverish atmosphere in recent days, and I’m not talking about diplomacy and submarines. No, another subject of concern is emerging: the price of energy. A question that concerns us, as consumers of fuel, gas and electricity. But which also concerns companies, starting with those whose activity is energy-intensive. And on the political side, we are worried, and not only in France…

What’s going on ? A kind of perfect storm, the coincidence of several factors that come together to push all prices up. Generally speaking, this is an effect of the economic recovery. As far as gas is concerned, we are witnessing the combined effect of a rather low level of stocks with disturbances in world supply (storms in Texas for example) and Russia, a major supplier of Europe, which don’t open the floodgates wide. Result: +9.96% in July. +5.36% in August. +8.7% in September for regulated tariffs…

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