Overview Blooming Business Casino – Jackpot?

On the occasion of its passage in the AG French Direct, we offer you a first preview of Booming Business: Casino, a management and simulation game where you can manage your own establishment dedicated to gambling.

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First of all, it should be noted that we were able to have access to a short demo which presented the main lines of the game to us. It is therefore possible that our thoughts will be obsolete once we have a more advanced version. Booming Business: Casino can still boast of offering an off-the-beaten-track experience. Even if the video game offers us a lot of activities in the world of simulation, that of the casino has not really been explored. On the other hand, it goes without saying that the net and the mobile market abound with “casino” games where real money is spent.

In Booming Business: Casino, you are not a craps or blackjack player but a manager who will have to make his casino prosper by attracting and stealing as many customers as possible. The graphic style also allows you to distance yourself from this world apart from the game with something both cute and retro. Indeed, all the characters are anthropomorphic animals giving a small side animal crossing to the atmosphere, but the one that reigns is that of the 50s since the title is directly inspired by the boom of casinos in Las Vegas. This is why, among the animal clientele, we find minors or Capone mafia.

Before baiting the wallets on legs, we must familiarize ourselves with the basic mechanics, namely: the layout of spaces before placing corresponding objects there, the recruitment of employees and finally the pure management of your establishment. In short, we explain to you that to attract people, you need special facilities. Some are essential, such as toilets or bars (even if we often end up with a notification of a customer needing to go to the toilet when there are about ten unoccupied toilets), and others will obviously be attractions allowing your visitors to spend with gambling fever.

The tutorial explains quite well how to take everything in hand while assigning us small missions to gradually upgrade. Because management can quickly become chaotic when you are making good progress. However, the mechanics are quite simple, we assign predefined areas and then install the corresponding installations. A floor intended for card games where we install blackjack tables for example. The grip is intuitive even if it requires a sometimes complicated visualization of the space. Fortunately, it’s just as easy to reshape our manipulations.

A martingale to find

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The principle is quite simple when you follow the missions, like attracting miners by installing a bunch of slot machines and providing not too expensive beers, however it will be necessary to see how deep the title will go and how it will be executed via gameplay. Difficult to gauge well with this short demo, but we notice that thriving business is far from simple. Management is not set in stone since you can very well reap the most profit possible or prioritize customer satisfaction although a balance seems to be obviously necessary at some level.

We notice interesting details such as with the people we recruit who have traits (party animal, mathematician, cheater…) and which seem to have an impact on their efficiency at work. In a purely economic context, you can modify the prices of alcohol consumption or even the starting bets of machines or tables. These adjustments have consequences on the behavior of players who may be annoyed in exchange for better profitability. Concretely, like a real business, your eyes will have to be on your expenses, your income, the satisfaction of your customers and the reputation of your casino. Playing with this balance to fleece as many people as possible is obviously one of the pleasures we take when we develop our ultra-capitalist strategies.

The task becomes more complex as you increase the area in order to meet the demand. This results in the creation of new floors where janitors will be needed for cleaning, toilets, bars, etc. This means more money to spend, and very often it means spending large sums in a very short time. Booming Business: Casino will no doubt provide some challenge for the Rain Man of management. The software offers a bit of coquetry with a lot of decorations with various themes (which also have an effect on the well-being of the people present). Overall, the shop offers new machines, new decorations, and new games as you progress.

Random events also punctuate the progression, scenarios where you will have to make choices such as emptying the pockets of a big player or dismissing him to prevent him from monopolizing the attention of your dealers.

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